Innovative Cavity Design Delivers Exceptional Circuit Protection


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May 08, 2023

Innovative Cavity Design Delivers Exceptional Circuit Protection

The only fuse in the industry that has Conquer’s patented hollow cavity design,

The only fuse in the industry that has Conquer's patented hollow cavity design, the LTCC structure includes a fuse element that offers superb heat resistance and an extremely high interrupting rating, allowing it to withstand a high degree of inrush current. A precise melting time offers ultimate protection for sensitive electronic components, while a reflow soldering process allows surface mount fuses to be directly attached to printed circuit boards. The LTCC fuse is compatible with a wide range of circuit designs, making this fuse the best choice for all types of consumer electronic applications.

Ceramic Chip fuse is developed in sizes of 1206 and 0603, and have fast-acting and time-lag fusing characteristics.

Rated for DC circuits.

Constructed using ceramic bodies to increase breaking capacity and working voltage.

Key features includes a higher melting I²t value than chip fuses, which minimizes nuisance tripping during in-rush current events; wire-in-air design minimizes thermal de-rating factor and extends usable temperature range. Ceramic Chip Fuse is the new innovative product with cavity structure in which the element and cavity have been buried in ceramic body.

The L-type fuse is covered by ceramics and designed with a built-in cavity structure ceramic chip fuse. Its special circuit design allows the fuse to withstand high instantaneous current. In addition, the position of the hot spot of the embedded circuit is accurate, so it not only has Good fusing characteristics, (but also) can extinguish the arc in a short time. After many reliability tests, the results are better than products with same specifications and different processes.

Conquer ceramic chip fuse have all new creative features. It's the ceramic body inside a cavity, the perfect melting characteristic, the special wire design inside the fuse, and the ultra-high inrush current withstand capability to avoid nuisance fuse opening. It is suitable for all types of consumer electronics products.

Space-efficient form factors (1206, 0603) LTCC Chip Fuses Materials LTCC Chip Fuses Melting Characteristic