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May 08, 2023

Another cannabis dispensary proposed in Danville

May 30—DANVILLE — The Danville Area Planning and Zoning Commission this week

May 30—DANVILLE — The Danville Area Planning and Zoning Commission this week will consider a special-use permit for another cannabis dispensary proposed in Danville.

MariWorks, LLC of Chicago is requesting a special-use permit to operate an adult use cannabis dispensary at 500 Eastgate Drive.

The commission meets at 5:15 p.m. Thursday at the Robert E. Jones Municipal Building, 17 W. Main St.

MariWorks was one of two licensees the state selected through a lottery for additional cannabis dispensary licenses for this area. The other was Parkway Dispensary which is building in Tilton after the city of Danville voted against its request to build off Lynch Road. This area of the city already has Sunnyside dispensary and the planned Seven Point dispensary across the road at 380 Eastgate Drive near the Econo Lodge.

MariWorks is proposing to construct a dispensary and parking lot at 500 Eastgate Drive. The site is around the curve, on the south side of Danville Metal Stamping. The land is where there was a previous modular home business site near Interstate 74.

The 7 acres of land is in the B3 general commercial business zoning district.

According to the permit application, a portion of the vacant property will be used for a cannabis retail facility, with the rest of the property for future development.

For development to occur at the location, the public sanitary line must be extended from the north to the projected development. Improvements to site drainage likely will be required.

The nuEra Danville site would join other locations already in Champaign, Urbana, Chicago, Aurora, East Peoria and Pekin.

Danville Metal Stamping is in opposition of the special-use permit and asks that it be denied.

According to Executive Vice President of Danville Metal Stamping Gardner Peck, the business has a facility housing approximately 175 employees operating three shifts at 400 Eastgate Drive.

The proposed cannabis dispensary would be located across Jones Road from Danville Metal Stamping.

"Eleven hundred feet north on Eastgate Drive from the proposed location is the proposed location of Seven Point's dispensary at 380 Eastgate Drive. Nine hundred and fifty feet across Lynch Road and to the northwest on Lynch Drive is Sunnyside cannabis dispensary (369 Lynch Drive). Granting this permit would result in three separate dispensaries within 2,200 feet of each other. This concentration is not beneficial for the industrial park," Peck stated.

"It is likely that a third facility directly across the road from our facility would result in Danville Metal Stamping feeling the need to add even more security cameras at our facility to ensure the safety and security of Danville Metal Stamping employees and property," he continued.

Peck stated, "If a special-use permit is granted for 500 Eastgate Drive, the potential for issues would increase as a result of additional foot traffic along Eastgate Drive and Jones Road where there are no sidewalks and a high number of large trucks making deliveries and picking up from Danville Metal Stamping and Nutrien AG Solutions located at 3400 Jones Road. This will create a very dangerous situation and considerable cost would need to be incurred by the city to ensure all vehicles, as well as pedestrians, can safety transverse the area without being at significant risk."