Standard 75% Alumina Ceramic Body for Ceramic Type Fuse


Standard 75% Alumina Ceramic Body for Ceramic Type Fuse

Standard 75% Alumina Ceramic Body for Ceramic Type Fuse

Standard 75% Alumina Ceramic Body for Ceramic Type Fuse The specification of the technical ceramic insulator The accurac

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Basic Info
Model NO. Standard
Color White, Pink, Ivory, Black
Density Over 3.65g/cm3
Secondary Process Fine Grinding, CNC Machining
Surface Treatment Polishing, Glazing, Metalizing
Features High Precision, High Insulation
Certificate RoHS, Reach, ISO9001
Usage Advanced Ceramic Parts
Transport Package Individual Packaging
Specification Max. 800mm mmx 1000mm x 30mm
Trademark JingHui
Origin China
HS Code 8547100000
Production Capacity 500000/Month
Product Description
Standard 75% Alumina Ceramic Body for Ceramic Type Fuse

The specification of the technical ceramic insulator
Option Materialsalumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, steatite optional
Outer diameter 0.5 ~800 mm
RoughnessTo be Ra0.05
Surface treatmentPolished, Glazed, Metalized availability
CosmeticSmooth surface without contamination, deformation, and crack

The accuracy achieved after precision machining
(1) Axis: roundness 0.002 mm, concentricity 0.002 mm, smoothness Ra0.1;
(2) Hole: the minimum processing hole diameter is 0.2 mm and the depth is up to 6mm;
(3) Slot: min. value to be 0.1 mm of narrow groove, and grooves with custom shapes;
(4) Plane: 0.1mm sheet with minimum processable thickness, parallelism 0.001mm, measurement tolerance 0.001 mm, finish Ra0.1;
(5) Thread: The minimum machinable M2 internal thread, the accuracy of GB-7h, the external thread size is not limited, the accuracy is GB-6g.

The main characteristics of the technical ceramic insulator
1. They offer different grade dimensional accuracy per sintered only, precision machining
2. They are more cost-effective ceramic parts with equivalent performance among all other technical ceramics
3.. High hardness, it is can be up to 1700 HV, and Super compressive strength up to 2240 Mpa
3. High heat resistance: Alumina ceramic parts offer excellent thermal stability, which means that it is widely used in areas where resistance to high temperatures is essential.
4. Good wear resistance: it is an ideal choice to wear parts in the high abrasive industry
5. High electrical resistivity: used in all-electric products, electric heating products, and wear-resistant machinery parts.
6. High corrosion resistance: It is insoluble in water and only slightly soluble in strong acid and alkaline solutions. Good chemical stability of alumina leads to high corrosion resistance.
7. We support a variety of customized alumina ceramic parts base on customer's drawing, sample, or reference parameters

The description of alumina ceramic components
Aluminum oxide (Alumina) has an extensive application due to its versatility and low cost of material than other advanced ceramics. Alumina offers high electrical insulation resistance, high-temperature resistance, strong hardness, wear resistance, and good chemical stability, making it a good material to withstand high temperature and chemical corrosion.
Our factory produces a selection of purity of alumina from 75% to 99.8%, all of the ceramic parts we supplied are with a dense body via dry pressing, hot pressing, ceramic injection molding, and ISO pressing. In order to achieve some special application for fitting, reducing the friction, increasing the insulation, we provide a serial of secondary processes after sintering, covering CNC machining, polishing, glazing, and metalizing.
We manufacture a wide range of alumina ceramic rings, including ceramic tubes, ceramic rings, ceramic disc, ceramic rods, ceramic arms, ceramic wire guides. Whatever, it's a prototyping case, or high volume demand, we believe we are able to provide you a desirable solution.

The application of alumina ceramic products

Standard 75% Alumina Ceramic Body for Ceramic Type Fuse

Alumina ceramic parts are widely used in the electronic, electrical, machinery, chemistry, ceramic seal, mineral, new energy, military, aerospace, almost all modern industries.

The gallery of other alumina ceramic parts

Standard 75% Alumina Ceramic Body for Ceramic Type Fuse

Standard 75% Alumina Ceramic Body for Ceramic Type Fuse

Standard 75% Alumina Ceramic Body for Ceramic Type Fuse

We produce a series of alumina ceramic products, including alumina metalized ceramics, ceramic substrate,
ceramic wafer, ceramic guides, and so on.


Datasheet of technical ceramic materials
Water absorption%00000
Flexural strengthMpa≥379≥338≥320≥1200≥600
Compressive strengthMpa≥2240≥2240≥2000≥1990≥2500
Fracture toughnessMpa m1/24-54-53-46.5-86
Max. service temperature(Non-loading)ºC16751600150010001200
CTE (20-800ºC)1×10 -6 /ºC6.5~8.06.2~8.05.0~8.08.0~9.53.1
Thermal shockT(ºC)≥250≥200≥220≥300≤1000
Thermal conductivity(25ºC)W/m.k302924315~20
Volume resistivity (25ºC )>1 x 10 14>1 x 10 14>1 x 10 14>1 x 10 11>1 x 10 12
Insulation strengthKV/mm19181817
Dielectric constant(1Mhz)(E)

Why choose us?
1.10+ years of manufacturing experience in OEM, ODM, and professional management & production team
2. Powerful R&D to support custom prototyping cases and projects, also large-scale mass production capability
3. In-house complete manufacturing equipment, including forming, sintering, precision machining process.
4. Rigorous quality control system and processes per ISO9001: 2008, including IQC, IPQC, QA, OQC
5. Surpassing pre-sales and after-sales service, everything we do just for the business growth of our customers.

Main Manufacturing Equipment

Standard 75% Alumina Ceramic Body for Ceramic Type Fuse


Advanced Inspection Equipment


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q1. Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are a manufacturer. You are welcome to visit our factory.

Q2: Do you send a sample to check?
A: Sure, the sample is free and freight collect.

Q3: When will you ship it?
A: If the products are in storage, we'll ship within 48 hours

Q4: When can I get the price?
A: We regularly quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are in urgent need of getting the price.
Please call us or tell us in your email so that we will proceed with your inquiry as a priority.

Q5: Is it available to provide customized products?
A: We always support custom-made demand as per different materials, dimensions, and designs.

Q6: How to ensure quality?
A: The dimension out of any batch will be carried out sampling inspection per international AQL standard.
A 100% cosmetic inspection will be done.