Panel Mount 6 X 30mm Screw Cap Fuse Holder


Panel Mount 6 X 30mm Screw Cap Fuse Holder

Panel Mount 6 X 30mm Screw Cap Fuse Holder

Product Description-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Basic Info
Environmental Protection Environmental Protection Fuse Holder
Execution Standard National Standard
Fusing Speed F
Brand Tianrui
Transport Package Carton Box
Trademark Tianrui
Origin China
HS Code 80070090
Product Description

6x30mm panel mount fuse holder is a type of electrical component that is designed to hold a 6x30mm cartridge fuse. The holder is designed to be mounted on a panel, such as a control panel or a circuit board.

The panel mount fuse holder is typically made of a durable material such as plastic or metal, and it may be designed to snap or screw onto the panel. The holder may have a cap or cover to protect the fuse from damage and to prevent accidental contact with live parts.

Overall, a 6*30mm panel mount fuse holder is an important component for protecting electronic devices from overcurrent and short circuit conditions. It allows for easy replacement of the fuse when it blows, helping to ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of the device.

Characteristic of Fuse Holder

1. Mounting: The holder is designed to be mounted on a panel, such as a control panel or a circuit board.

2. Material: The holder is typically made of a durable material such as plastic or metal, which is resistant to heat and other environmental factors.

3. Durability: The holder is designed to withstand repeated use and to provide long-lasting protection for the device.

4. Easy Replacement: it allows for easy replacement of the fuse when it blows. This is important because fuses are designed to fail in order to protect the device, so it is important to be able to replace them quickly and easily.

5. Flexibility: The panel mount fuse holder can be used in a variety of electronic devices, making it a versatile component for designers and engineers.

Product Parameter------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Product name: Panel Mounted 6*30mm Screw Cap Fuse HolderType:Solder Type

Rated Voltage:

250VRated Current:10A
Fuse Size:6.3X30mm And 6.3X32mmTerminal:Nickel Plated Copper
Body:BakeliteTerminal Type:Soldering Terminal
Insulation resistance:DC 500V 100MQ MinVoltage breakdown: AC 1 500V 1 minute

Product Details-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Panel Mount 6 X 30mm Screw Cap Fuse Holder

1. Flame Retardant Housing
The plastic shell is made of bakelite which is not easy to burn after encountering fire, and automatically extinguishes after leaving the fire source to ensure stable working.

2. Metal Clip
The metal clip has strong conductivity and is durable.

3. 6x30mm Fuse
The panel mounted fuse holder is prefect for 6*30mm tube fuse. It's also convenient to use and install.


Product Application----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A 6*30mm panel mount fuse holder can be used in various applications where electrical overcurrent protection is required. Here are some examples:

1. Industrial control panels: These fuse holders can be used to protect electrical equipment and systems in industrial control panels from overcurrent damage.

2. Automotive industry: They can be used in automobiles to protect electrical systems from overcurrent damage.

3. Power supplies: In power supplies, these fuse holders can protect the equipment from power surges or overloads.

4. Audio equipment: They can be used in audio equipment to protect sensitive components from damage due to overcurrent.

5. Medical equipment: These fuse holders can be used in medical equipment to provide a safety mechanism.

6. HVAC systems: They can also be used in HVAC systems to prevent damage to the system due to overcurrent.

Overall, 6*30mm panel mount fuse holders can be used in any application where overcurrent protection is necessary, and they are a reliable and cost-effective solution for protecting electrical equipment and systems.

Panel Mount 6 X 30mm Screw Cap Fuse Holder

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Dongguan Tianrui Electronics is one of the most professional circuit protection components manufacturers and programme suppliers in China for about 10 years. Our products are widely used for the household electric appliances and auto industry. Our team will serve for you from the beginning of your source to the very end of the shipment. We are exporter based on factory so that the cost can be saved directly for you .

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1. Price Advantage: We have a strong supplier net to offer raw materials with competetive price and the supply is stable. We design and build our own molds for production. All these make our price advantage. 2. Good Quality: we adpot excellent quality management system to ensure that every single piece of our components and products are safe and stable.3. Factory Wholesale: We have open stock for standard product in warehouse. So we can finish order in a short lead time and make fast delivery.4. One-stop Service: We have R&D, QA, sales and after-sales team to offer you a full service including selection recommendation, technical support, after-sales protection.Exhibition---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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