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May 08, 2023

Biz Buzz: $18.9 million expansion begins at Clow Stamping

MERRIFIELD — Clow Stamping is growing — again. And this footprint for the next

MERRIFIELD — Clow Stamping is growing — again.

And this footprint for the next expansion, for a manufacturing company with a history of expansion and growth, is massive. The expansion will add 100,000 square feet to the company's manufacturing plant in Merrifield. The project, expected to be completed in the late spring or early summer of 2024.

Clow Stamping Company is a top provider and industry leader in full-service stamping and fabrication of metal components.

Earth-moving equipment dotted the landscape Thursday, June 8, as the expansion footprint was visible across the sand with tall pines and grown trees bordering the expansion area. Nor-Son Construction, Baxter, is doing the work for the site.

Reggie Clow, CEO, said since purchasing the 50,000 square-foot facility in Merrifield in 1973, this latest expansion is the company's 13th to date. There is also room for further expansion.


Clow Stamping provides metal stampings to recognized major manufacturers in industries including agriculture, recreational vehicles, light and heavy equipment, exercise equipment, and commercial refrigeration.

"We have a very difficult time turning down new business," Clow said. "And a very wise man I know said if your business isn't growing, it's dying. When our expansion is completed, we'll be over 400,000 square feet and likely the largest short run stamper in the country, if not the world."

Clow said it takes the collaborative effort of over 500 employees in Merrifield, the efforts of many outside vendors and sales representatives throughout the U.S.

"Without their support, we wouldn't be here," Clow said.

He thanked Frandsen Bank for financing and support and Nor-Son for the design and construction. It's Nor-Son's 10th project at Clow Stamping.

Andy Anderson, president and CEO of Nor-Son, said the company's history with Clow Stamping goes back 40 years.

"I can't tell you, on behalf of all of us at Nor-Son, how proud we are to be part of this project," Anderson said. "Over those years we’ve done over 250,000 square feet and we are doing an additional 100,000 square feet as you see going on right here. So to say we are honored to be part of this is an understatement."

The group donned work vests and helmets for the ceremonial tossing of earth with the golden shovels.


The day was also remarkable for being Clow's birthday, as Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce President Matt Kilian noted. Clow noted he has no intention of retiring and he has a quality and talented group of people at the plant that makes it possible for him to keep working and take the occasional break for warmer weather when needed.

Clow Stamping began as a family business in 1970 in St. Louis Park. The business moved to Merrifield, just north of Brainerd and has continued to expand its operations, grow its customer base and add employees.

Clow Stamping is hiring. The company has about 500 employees.

Clow Stamping Company will receive $840,000 from the Job Creation Fund and $450,000 from the Minnesota Investment Fund for the expansion that will add 65 area jobs over two years. The Brainerd Dispatch will have more on Clow Stamping in the annual Progress Special Section at the end of the summer.

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